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About Urban Turnip

Urban Turnip is a simple grow-your-own resource that brings time-tested wisdom, alongside a modern understanding of plants, to the city setting.

The focus is on growing in containers, though there’s also resources dedicated to small space, hydroponic and indoor gardening too. It’s mostly inspired by my own growing successes (and many failures) in London.

Rhubarb Patch in Need of Weeding!

My old rhubarb patch in need of weeding!

Whether you’ve got a few harvests under your belt already or are just toying with the idea of starting a windowsill herb garden, I sincerely hope you will find something of value here.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of the site if you get a chance. I’m always open to suggestions and feedback.

About Me

South Pennines Farm

South Pennines farm.

I grew in the countryside just north of Manchester. My grandfather was (and still is) a cattle farmer who had a penchant for growing his own food.

Looking back, I can remember unruly vegetable patches and poly-tunnels filled with as much junk as tomatoes, rather than a neatly ordered growing space. Nonetheless, anybody who can coax apple trees to a prodigious harvest in the upland South Pennines is worthy of respect in my book!


Tomatoes…the upturned pots are to prevent poked-out eyes.

I moved to London to study at university and fell in love with the city. I was drawn to gardening, and particularly edible gardening, after growing increasingly frustrated at the dependence I felt, both physically and intellectually (I realised that I actually had no idea about where my food came from) on giant, faceless supermarket brands.

So, to cut a long story short, I started growing – making use of every available bit of space that I could – and haven’t looked back!

I’ve written about some of my favourite gardening books and tools here. Oh and don’t forget about the mailing list!

Contact Me

Just drop me an email at: dan [at] urbanturnip [dot] org. I’d love to hear from you!

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