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Outdoors for City Folk!

A section about outdoor activities might seem out of place on a blog for city-dwellers…especially where the focus is on gardening! But, for people in big cities, getting out and reconnecting with nature is all the more important!

Al Humphreys, a UK blogger and adventurer, came up with the idea of “microadventures”. They’re basically little one-off adventures that slot nicely in to the busyness of everyday life. It doesn’t really matter what the adventure entails. Humphreys likes the idea of the 5 to 9: catch the train to the countryside after you finish work at 5, sleep on a hill under the stars, then get back in time for work at 9…or something along those lines. A river swim, a weekend of wild camping, a sneaky bivvy in a public park at night…it’s all about reconnecting with nature, having fun, and doing something a bit silly.

This section is all about getting outdoors for time-stretched city folk. The equipment I review is light, minimal and always about adding to the excitement of adventure! I’ll add more content as time passes. Enjoy…

Everything you need for a perfect microadventure…

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