Best Log Stores: UK Reviews (2024)

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I love burning wood. I’m so heartened by the trend of people installing open wood-fires in their homes and buying chimineas for their gardens. Personally, I can spend hours gazing at a crackling fire…I remember hearing the phrase “nature’s TV” once and I certainly agree!

If you’re a fellow arsonist then you’ll need a log store. In this article I’m going to review five of my favourite picks from retailers around the web. Purpose-built stores are much better at keeping logs in good condition than storage sheds, which lots of people opt for instead. They also look pretty good in the garden too. 

Short Version: Best Log Stores

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  1. Charles Bentley Spruce Store (££) (Top Pick)
  2. Rowlinson Narrow Log Store (£) (Small-Space Option)
  3. VOUNOT Firewood Log Rack with Waterproof Cover (£) (Budget Option)

What to look for in a log store

  • Open slats: Logs should be stored in the summer to dry out ready for winter. This is one reason why open-front stores are better than storage sheds – they allow the logs access to air throughout the warmer months. People often worry about their logs getting wet if they’re left exposed, sealing them off in closed sheds, but it’s vital that freshly-cut wood is dried out by air and wind for several months before use. Once wood has been dried, it does not rehydrate easily (I always enjoy the site of piles stacked logs nestling under a coat of snow), so you don’t need to worry about the weather.
  • Sloping roof: The main protection from rain will come from a sloping roof above the logs. You should check that the lip of the roof extends well over the sides of the walls to ensure that rainwater flows off properly and that the roof slats are secured in tight ridges to prevent any leaking.
  • Raised floor: A raised floor will ensure that the bottom layer of wood is well-aerated. Rotting wood at the bottom of a log store is a common problem that can easily be overcome by making sure that this feature is included.
Log Store
Look for open slats, a sloping roof and a raised floor.
  • Wood-quality: Softwood and hardwood are both equally durable but you want to make sure that the wood is pressure treated. “Pressure treating” is a common term that refers to a process in which wood is saturated with a chemical preservative and left to dry for a period of time, usually several weeks. Remember that pressure-treating protects against rot, not the weather, so wood products will benefit from a layer of stain/preservative on arrival and once a year afterwards.
  • Sustainably-sourced materials: In terms of making sure that the wood used to make your log store comes from a sustainable source, legislation is such nowadays that it’s not something you really need to worry about. As long as the product has been made in Europe or America you’ll be OK. That said, FSC approval of the manufacturer is always a plus.

5 Best Log Stores: Our Top Picks for 2024

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1. Charles Bentley Spruce Store

Charles Bentley Spruce Store

This log store is ideal for those who require a more compact storage space or have a smaller garden. Charles Bentley itself is a company with a strong emphasis on sustainability and has a reputation for making high-quality garden furniture.

It has all the features you would expect. The slanting roof has a decent-sized lip over the back side to ensure rainwater flows off and the individual slats are well-placed to ensure good air flow. As you can see from the picture, the floor of the unit is raised from the ground to prevent the bottom logs from rotting. It also includes a kindling shelf that can be adjusted based on preference.

It weighs 29KG. It’s dimensions are as follows: height 152 cm x width 119 cm x depth 56cm. It’s very easy to put together.

2. Rowlinson Large Log Store

Rowlinson Large Log Store

Rowlinson is another UK company with a focus on sustainability and is fully FSC certified. The great thing about this particular log store is that it’s comparatively narrow but also long, so it provides a lot of storage space without being obtrusive. It’s 56 cm deep by 156 high by 229 cm wide. It is slightly raised from the ground.

The wood is pressure-treated and there is a shelf included for smaller logs and kindling. It comes as a flat-pack unit and is easy to put together with clear instructions. The overhang of the roof at the front is quite small so it may be worth providing some extra protection during heavy rain.

3. Rowlinson Narrow Log Store

Rowlinson Narrow Log Store

This store, part of the same line as the Rowlinson store above, is perfect for smaller spaces. And the additional draw is the cheaper price. It’s as well-made as the other products on this list and a solid and long lasting option.

The wood has been pressure treated and there’s a single shelf above the main area for storing logs. It comes as flat pack and is easy to put together.

If you’re looking for something rustic and well-build for a smaller garden, balcony (think chiminea wood) or patio, then you won’t do better than this one.

4. VOUNOT Firewood Log Rack with Waterproof Cover

VOUNOT Firewood Log Rack with Waterproof Cover

Even pressure-treated wood will need re-staining every year and, for this reason, some people prefer to go for a metal frame.

If that’s you, then this metal store from VOUNUT may well be the way to go. It’s also by far the most inexpensive option on the list. It comes in one standard size and design and the waterproof cover is included. It’s 200 cm wide by 116 cm tall by 36 cm deep and very easy to assemble.

The only downside is the gap in the base, so your logs will need to be of a suitable length or they’ll fall through.

5. Extra Large Log Store

Extra Large Log Store

If you have more logs than you know what to do with, then this extra large store is for you. It measures 131cm tall x 262 cm wide x 69cm deep. It holds two cubic metres of logs and is built with a slightly unique design. It uses feather boards to create an environment that is enclosed on three sides.

The base resembles a trellis so provides air-flow from the bottom up. This design ensures a good balance of both protection and airflow. The roof of the store extends well over the sides for effective drainage of rainwater. All in all a great piece.

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Image credits: Logs by Iain Farrell, New Log Store by Bryn Pinzgauer.

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