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There's a lot of misinformation circulating about rosemary. The top candidate for "most misinformative" might well be some variation of the following: "Don't overwater at any cost and make sure the soil is dry up to your first knuckle between waterings...it's… Read More

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to write a post for Stephanie last month. She asked me to review her book Preparing A Vegetable Garden From The Ground Up and I was more than happy to. Gardening books tend… Read More

Perlite vs. Vermiculite

The short answer: If you want to increase the water holding capacity of your potting mix, adding vermiculite is preferable. Perlite is good for improving drainage when it's used in the right amount (at least 1/3 of the finished mix).  Although both perlite and… Read More

How to Grow Black Radishes

Black radishes are an excellent alternative to traditional "red" varieties and are particularly good for growing over the cooler months. Though they've fallen out of vogue somewhat, black radishes were common in Western Europe during the 1800s, where they were… Read More

Container gardening can be just as fun as "traditional" gardening. Living in London for five years, where space (of any kind) was nonexistent and allotment waiting lists stretched into years, I heard from a lot of people who wanted to grow… Read More