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One of my favorite plants is a bay tree that lives in a raised bed in my garden. Every summer, it usually doubles or even triples in size. And the secateurs are duly fetched. A lot of container gardeners worry… Read more

Indoor Lawn

Lawns are a British institution, just like strawberries and cream, teatime, and cricket. But in modern day Britain, the average person spends 90% of their time indoors — on tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors. This paradox is at the heart… Read more

Every gardener knows the feeling. It’s late winter or early spring. You’re on your knees preparing your flower bed or vegetable patch for the coming season. You lean forward and – brrr…a snap of cold touches the small stretch of… Read more

Does your home or apartment feel a little lacking in the decorating department? What you might be missing are some houseplants to help spruce things up!  Keep reading to learn about some popular houseplants that not only look good in… Read more

Does your city pad feel more like a sterile office room than a home? Are your rooms drab and dreary? If the answer is “yes”, fear not. Here are seven super-quick tips to turn it into a cosy, classy, sophisticated… Read more