Fit for the Ages: What Makes Home Decor and Plant Choices Classic?

What makes home decor timeless? What associations does the word “classic” bring about for you?

Ask ten people and you’ll get ten different answers. For most, “classic” is more of a feeling than a definable concept.

That said, I think there are some general steps you can take to craft evergreen interiors that are immune from changing fads.

Here’s my take.

1. Install Mood Lighting

Every room has its own personality. And light plays a crucial factor.

By day, brighter is usually better, especially for plants, so mesh curtains are a big help. Large windows also contribute to a timeless yet distinctive appearance while making a room feel bigger.

But in the darker hours, you’ll need artificial light. Layering dim lamps helps create a pleasant atmosphere and avoids the overwhelming effect of one big light. IKEA is one of my favorites for lamps.

Heavier curtains are also preferable as they keep out the cold. You can reach a middle ground by adding mesh and heavy curtains to the same curtain rod. This will also create extra layering of textures.

2. Elements of Nature

Inject your home with as much nature as possible for a classic look. I’m a touch biased (I run a gardening site after all), but it’s practically impossible to have too many plants.

You can also increase the sense of nature by opting for materials like wood, marble, clay, leather, fur and wool. Creative finishes like wood paneling, marble fireplaces, solid wood floors, woolen cushions, throws and so on are all good options.

Don’t be afraid to play about with textures and placements, and try to incorporate as many natural elements as you can.

If you want to go a step further, consider incorporating a water feature. There are lots of inexpensive and do-it-yourself options if you’re on a budget.

3. Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture never goes out of style. You can put it in practically any modern setting and it will fit nicely. It adds charm and contributes to a classic look.

For many people, the “shabbier” a piece of furniture, the better. As long as it’s made to a good standard, any piece of furniture will work well.

You can find inexpensive bedroom sets on sale with vintage-style headboards and side tables or even chests of drawers that look very worn, and they will last a lifetime.

4. Mix Textures

What’s useful about t natural materials is that they also come in a range of textures. Playing with different textures is an easy way to make your home look stylish.

Wool and cotton cushions sitting on a leather couch next to a wooden table is just one example of texture mixing in a room.

Your home will also look more purposeful if you adopt this approach, and the contrasting details will stand out.

The irony is that if you just grab a few pieces that feel different, you’ll likely hit the nail on the head. You can’t go wrong. 

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have any thoughts about what makes design timeless? Leave a comment below.

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