7 Super-Quick Ways to Make Your City Home Comfortable

Does your city pad feel more like a sterile office room than a home? Are your rooms drab and dreary?

If the answer is “yes”, fear not. Here are seven super-quick tips to turn it into a cosy, classy, sophisticated respite:

1. Plants, Plants, Plants

No surprises that this one comes first.

You’ve probably heard that plants “filter air”. Now, as far as I’m aware, the science is a little bit iffy on that point.

But plants are scientifically-proven to provide a sense of well-being

Filling your room with low-maintenance plants like ferns, succulents, peace lilies, yukkas, and so on, can do wonders for your mood.

Fill up your window-sills, empty pockets of space on your bookshelves, unused surface-tops – anywhere even a smattering of light gets to. 

2. Use an Air Filter

There are two reasons to use an air filter. 

First, a growing number of people are allergic to their homes. I suffered for months when I moved into my new flat in Manchester.

Eventually, I forked out some money and bought an air filter. Allergy-wise, it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  

Second, air pollution is a rampant problem in cities. Give your lungs a little break.

Top-level air filters aren’t cheap. But they’re well worth the investment. 

3. Flower Boxes on Windows Ledges

There are lots of innovative ways to attach flower boxes to your window ledges (without having to worry about them falling).

Looking out of a window fringed with herbs and marigolds adds a little something extra to an otherwise concrete-filled view. And imagine opening the window to snip off a few fresh herbs as you cook in the evening. 

Oh, and window boxes are pretty inexpensive too. 

4. Install a Mains Booster Pump

There’s nothing worse than a piddling shower or a lifeless tap-flow. 

I remember when my uncle first installed a mains booster tap. Taking a shower was like standing under a friendly pressure jet. It was great. 

There are loads of mains booster pumps available online. Check out a few of the options. 

5. Change the Lighting

Lighting is everything.

I’ve never been able to understand how people can relax in a glare of white bright light from a ceiling lamp. One girlfriend used to sleep with hers on. 

Candles, dimmer lamps, fairy lights – anything to provide a little ambient je ne sais quoi to your room.

6. Cut Down on the Clutter

I’ll keep this one minimal. 

7. Art (That Needn’t Break the Bank)

Artwork can lift any room. 

What’s more, great art comes pretty cheap these days.

Beautifully-produced prints can be picked up for a few dollars. 

You can also print off old classics for a few pennies from supermarket photograph stations. Just download the picture to your phone and upload it. 

What’s more, standard-size frames are relatively inexpensive. 

Bonus: Rugs, Throws, and Blankets…and a Hammock

Color, texture, warmth…all adjectives that fall into the “homely” category. 

Rugs, throws, and blankets are perfect for making rooms more comfortable. 

Feeling creative? Make your own from old clothes.

Oh…and a hammock never goes amiss, either.

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