5 Popular Houseplants for Your Home

Does your home or apartment feel a little lacking in the decorating department? What you might be missing are some houseplants to help spruce things up! 

Keep reading to learn about some popular houseplants that not only look good in your space but are also easy to care for. 

1. Zamioculas

Zamioculas, also called the ZZ plant, is perfect for beginners since it doesn’t require a lot of care. It’s well-suited for areas of low lighting and doesn’t need to be watered frequently, which is perfect for people who are a little forgetful when it comes thirsty plants.

This medium-sized plant will add some much-needed color to your living space with minimal effort on your part. 

2. Snake Plant

If you live in a smaller apartment or home, space can be an issue. The snake plant is perfect because it grows straight up instead of out, thus taking up less space.

The bright colors and low maintenance required of the snake plant make it an easy choice for those who are interested. You can even use hydroponic grow systems for growing plants indoors

3. Croton

The Crotonis a fun and colorful plant with leaves of orange, red, purple and golden yellow. It’s the perfect houseplant to brighten up your space and will look great in a cute pot near any window. Crotons will have you feeling like you are in the tropics. 

It’s easy to grow and likes to be in warm, humid areas like kitchens and sunrooms. That said, it’s a very versatile indoor plant and will adapt to your home’s temperature.

4. Moth Orchid

Many people struggle to grow orchids indoors. For those who are horticulturally-challenged (and I count myself in that group) moth orchids are an easy choice. The colorful flowers of the moth orchid will last for a long time with minimal effort.

There are many different colors to choose from so it’s easy to find a plant that matches your decor. Provide as much light as possible and plenty of humidity. A daily spritz of water from a spray bottle should do the trick. 

5. Pothos Jade

The Pothos Jade vine is one of the most popular houseplants because it can withstand even the worst neglect. It requires only minimal amount sun and water, and is a fast grower.

If left to its own devices, vines will grow and climb onto nearby surfaces, giving rooms a lush and full look. Just be sure to keep an eye on it or it may overtake more than you expected. 

Don’t Be Put Off!

Don’t be put off if you’ve struggled with houseplants in the past. All of the options described above are easy to care for and will cope with a little neglect.

Now, time to get growing.

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