Feeling Cold in the Garden? You Need a Haramaki

Every gardener knows the feeling.

It’s late winter or early spring. You’re on your knees preparing your flower bed or vegetable patch for the coming season. You lean forward and – brrr…a snap of cold touches the small stretch of your suddenly-exposed lower back.

It’s one of life’s little irritations. Something you can’t do anything about. Or so you thought…

What you need is a haramaki, a Japanese “belly warmer”. It’s a stretchy cotton tube that covers your midriff.

Nukunuku (which means “warm and cosy ” in Japanese) is a UK-based company that makes haramaki. They got in touch and asked me to review their product. And I’m so glad they did.

Nukunuku’s belly warmers are beautifully made, stretchy, and (most importantly of all) warm. They’re handmade from cotton and start at £10. Oh, and there’s a kid’s version too.

If you’re as averse to belly and back cold as I am, I’d highly recommend you give one a go. Visit the site to buy one.

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