Quick guide: weatherproofing your wooden garden furniture

Wooden Furniture Care

When left outside exposed to the elements, even the best quality hardwood furniture will start to show signs of wear. Before long you will start to see a colour transition – from what it once was into a dull, lustreless shade of grey.

Don’t let this put you off buying one of the beautiful wooden garden benches or dining sets that are so widely available today. These problems are completely avoidable, but only if you bless your furniture with some much-needed care and attention.

Weatherproofing methods

Covers – Although it seems obvious, covering up wooden garden furniture when it isn’t in use is something that lot of people don’t do. One disadvantage of covers is that they can be unsightly, but they are without a doubt the cheapest and easiest way of protecting your wood from adverse conditions.

Paints – If you’re not bothered about keeping the natural colour of your wooden furniture, then painting it will do an excellent job of preventing damage. It’s recommended that you use latex paint, as this seals the fibres to stop them from being penetrated by water. In addition to this, the sealing qualities of latex paint also protect the wood from UV light, which can also fade and damage untreated furniture.

Varnishes – Varnishes and paints do almost the same job. They seal the wood, make it resistant to water and they protect from harmful UV light. But the primary advantage of varnish over paint is that it takes nothing away from the beautiful, natural colour of your wood. Be careful though, as certain varnishes can darken the colour of lighter woods. If your wood is quite a light shade, consider getting an appropriately coloured wood stain instead. However, bear in mind that a stain will not last as long as a varnish or a paint, so you will have to reapply it every few years to make sure that it remains effective.

In addition to this, also remember to keep on top of cleaning your garden furniture. Every few weeks you should get a stiff bristle brush and some soap and go over it. This helps to keep the dirt out and generally keeps your wood in much better condition.

It can be time-consuming to maintain wood, but with proper care it can last for decades. So it’s definitely time well spent! A high quality, well looked after piece of wooden garden furniture will totally transform the look of your garden and subsequently make it a much more appealing place to be.

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Image credit: Bench by FarOutFlora.

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