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It’s nearing the end of January and things are likely looking a bit drab in the container garden. Here’ s a roundup of some of the best small-space and container gardening content from around the web. How to grow grapes… Read more

I was kindly contacted by Deelat Industrial a few weeks ago. They wanted me to review their outdoor solar-powered motion light and I happily agreed. It wasn’t just the lure of free stuff…I was actually interested to see how well… Read more

Container Kale

Kale is a container gardener’s dream. It’s hardy, resistant to pests and diseases (more or less), tolerant of poor soil, and incredibly nutritious. The key to growing this wonderful plant in containers is to pick a variety that’s both compact… Read more

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about rosemary. The top candidate for “most misinformative” might well be some variation of the following: “Don’t overwater at any cost and make sure the soil is dry up to your first knuckle between waterings…it’s… Read more

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to write a post for Stephanie last month. She asked me to review her book Preparing A Vegetable Garden From The Ground Up and I was more than happy to. Gardening books tend… Read more