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A look at homemade insecticide recipes.

My struggles with pests this year have prompted me to investigate some of the more commonly suggested home-made insecticides. Just to give you an idea, my beetroot has been beset by leaf-miners and aphids, I’ve just noticed a little family… Read more

Here’s a cool infographic from InSinkErator. I hope you enjoy it! It might be handy to buy a bottle of water when you’re out, but research shows that the convenience of bottled water has a high environmental cost. The amount… Read more

Welcome to this edition of “container gardening news” –  an occasional roundup of the best container gardening and small-space products, tips and general bits and bobs from around the web. I hope you enjoy my picks. Reel Gardening creates wonderful kits for urban… Read more

It’s nearing the end of January and things are likely looking a bit drab in the container garden. Here’ s a roundup of some of the best small-space and container gardening content from around the web. How to grow grapes… Read more

I was kindly contacted by Deelat Industrial a few weeks ago. They wanted me to review their outdoor solar-powered motion light and I happily agreed. It wasn’t just the lure of free stuff…I was actually interested to see how well… Read more