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Does your city pad feel more like a sterile office room than a home? Are your rooms drab and dreary? If the answer is “yes”, fear not. Here are seven super-quick tips to turn it into a cosy, classy, sophisticated… Read more

Use these unique plants to bring your interior decoration to life, and find especially creative ways to get them to match your existing interiors. Plants are a beautiful addition to any home, and they lend life and greenery to your… Read more

Welcome to this edition of “container gardening news” –  an underground roundup of the best container gardening and small-space products, tips and general bits and bobs from around the web. I hope you enjoy it! I was interviewed by Reset! The questions… Read more

A look at homemade insecticide recipes.

My struggles with pests this year have prompted me to investigate some of the more commonly suggested home-made insecticides. Just to give you an idea, my beetroot has been beset by leaf-miners and aphids, I’ve just noticed a little family… Read more

Here’s a cool infographic from InSinkErator. I hope you enjoy it! It might be handy to buy a bottle of water when you’re out, but research shows that the convenience of bottled water has a high environmental cost. The amount… Read more