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The Illustrated Guide to Garden Pots and Planters

Growing prospects, much like the weather, are looking a bit dim as October takes hold. If, like me, you planted some autumn greens in August you might be enjoying an early harvest now. Or pulling up some late-sown radishes or beets… Read More

Grow autumn and winter lettuces.

With the days noticeably shortening, I’ve been thinking of plants that I can grow through autumn and winter. In particular, of cold-hardy lettuces. Sown now, many will be ready in only a few months. Others, which are particularly tolerant of cold… Read More

I’m about halfway through Martin Crawford’s excellent book How to Grow Perennial Vegetables. It’s an engaging read that challenges the traditional “annual” planting approach as one that’s both overly labour intensive and detrimental to the environment. Interestingly, his book also focuses on plants… Read More

There’s an old Zen story about tea. One day, it goes, a scholar sought the audience of a renowned Zen master, Nan-in. Pouring his visitor a cup of tea, Nan-in did not stop once the cup was full. He carried… Read More

Growing these vegetables isn’t just about having an unconventional garden feature, though that’s probably reason enough. No…these scrumptious plants are no more difficult to grow than their “normal” counterparts. They are also (inconspicuously, it has to be said) absent from supermarket aisles. Yet… Read More