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Pot of watercress with text overlay.

Note: Lactuca sativa (garden lettuce) is an annual plant – there aren’t any perennial varieties. There is a member of the genus, Lactuca perennis, called “perennial lettuce” but it isn’t a true “lettuce” plant and it isn’t edible. Rather, the… Read more

Peat pots with text overlay.

Note: There are two types of “peat pots” – the small fibre containers that you add your own mix too and the Jiffy product that contains a peat-based mix surrounded by mesh. This post is about the former (the ones… Read more

Seedling resting on a module tray.

“The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.” William C. Bryant January has a daily average of about eight hours of light, which climbs up to nine in February. The days are lengthening towards the… Read more

I’ve always liked the word “rustic”. To me it evokes a certain feeling – something like faded wood furniture, old 1920s tobacco tins and tumbled stone walls. It contains an association with the countryside and all its homespun simplicity And that in a way… Read more

The Illustrated Guide to Garden Pots and Planters

Growing prospects, much like the weather, are looking a bit dim as October takes hold. If, like me, you planted some autumn greens in August you might be enjoying an early harvest now. Or pulling up some late-sown radishes or beets… Read more